Saturday, 3 March 2012

Extreme Backyard Makeover

We have lived in our house for 14 years now, and just before Christmas we (meaning my husband)
 finished our backyard! It was such an exciting moment!

All those years we had bits and pieces done, then changed them, changed them again, but basically saved and saved to get each section done. Included in the total reno was, installing a small shed, installing a large shed, installing a side patio, a back patio, paving all around the sides and back of the house (this was done in 4 sections), putting down roll-on lawn, installing a cubby, a sandpit, brick walls, garden bed, vege patch, rendering a very long wall, painting that same wall, building a limestone wall base for the side fence, then having a Colourbond fence installed, selecting and planting plants, installing and painting a water tank, having an electrician install outdoor lights...and a lot of finer details to keep it all maintained.

Whew, my hubby has worked hard! The difference between how our block was when we first bought it and how it is now, is so dramatically different, let me tell you!

In fact, let me show you...

Patio area now:


Wall and garden bed-
temporary rock wall, bluestone walkway and starting to render wall:

Next stage -
Rendered and painted wall, dug out blue stone, starting to build limestone wall:


Wall and garden bed from other end:


Other side of yard (when the house was first built):

Removing the grass

No grass:

Install shed, paving and side fence:


Outdoor lights:

New dining setting:

All in all, we love the transformation,
and it is our own little piece of paradise!

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  1. Looks great, your hubby sure has worked hard but I'm sure you both worked hard on all the decisions that needed to be made. We built nearly 7yrs ago and still have so much of our yard left to beautify

  2. WOW! You (I mean your hubby ^_^) really have done some amazing work!! I LOVE it! Thanks for sharing the before and afters! WOW!

  3. Wow, that is absolutely wonderful. I especially love your patio, but the rest looks very nice too!

  4. I always like to see renovation work, grand job.

  5. That patio makeover is just incredible! And is that dining setting a rattan garden furniture? :)


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