Wednesday, 29 February 2012

What I Wore Wednesday - Blue and Grey

I'm joining in with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday. I never think to take a photo of what I wear until I realise it's Wednesday again, and then I drag my poor son around until he's got a decent shot of me (posing is not my forte!) So you only ever get one photo, and it's usually, what I wore on Tuesday!

I have to take more notice of where I buy my clothes. I'm pretty sure the grey skirt was from my sister, and the top I can't quite remember, I think it was from Roads. The black belt was from Sportsgirl.

My bracelets were from my sister; my necklace, I can't remember; my watch, from my friend Cheryl, and my earrings from my friend Genevieve.

Come and see what everyone else is wearing here. xx


  1. Lovely! The beads are beautiful.

  2. Love the color on you! Awesome jewelry too. Great accent pieces.

  3. Loving that blue on you! It's such a hot color this spring!!

  4. henkvery chic Wendy...if i joined in that challenge would just be my uniform as i work ya...XXXX
    maybe i should just do the jewels as i have quite a collection from all the yesrs and being a bower bird ..i never got rid of any..he he

  5. what a cute outfit. I love the shade of blue on the top and the chevron pattern on the skirt is awesome. I also like the local of your picture.

  6. Thanks for your comments everyone!

    Aunty Anne, you can join in the challenge showing outfits from any day of the week. You're so stylish, we'd love to see what you wear, or just share your jewels if you like!

    Ania, thanks for commenting on the location. I am standing in my backyard which we LOVE, now that it is finally finished, after 14 years in this house, lol!

  7. I stumbled upon your blog and I really it. Especially the blue shirt. I just started my first fashion link party, called Watch What I'm Wearing, and I would be honored if would add a link at Who knows maybe you will get some new visitors from it as well.


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