Thursday, 22 March 2012

Make a Change - Time to exercise!

In my Thursday Make a Change series I have cut out fizzy drink and cake, have been reading my scriptures, and trying to sort out my sleep habits, but, one thing I haven't tackled yet, is adding exercise to my routine. You had to know it was coming!

 The thought of it is not thrilling me. This is why I feel compelled to announce my challenges here. Seeing them on my blog reminds me daily that I am meant to be doing them! 

The food challenges have been easy. The sleep ones, not so much. The scripture one, so-so. And the exercise one is probably going to be a disaster. But, as I've said before, my hips don't lie, and I really have to reign them in! With a bit of luck I may even look like this some time (ha!)

So the challenge is to exercise for 20 minutes a day.

Doesn't matter how, doesn't matter when, or where. Just 20 minutes of working the body every day.

I'm puffed just thinking of it. (It might actually be invigorating. I hope so!)

And I start today. Join me if you dare! xx 


  1. there was this girl i knew (she was a little on the slow side mentally) she bought every known exercise DVD ever burned...she would sit on the couch and watch them with her chips, twisties and coke....does that count...(by the way it wasn't and isn't me!!!!!)he he ...i had a laugh when you said you were puffed out just thinking about it...i walk the dog and go round the block is about my limit...

  2. Ha! Sitting on the couch watching people exercise is a preferable option! I'm hoping I'll be able to get into the habit of walking but otherwise I'll use the wii fit. At least there are no hold ups with the weather with the wii fit. :)


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