Saturday, 17 March 2012

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Today I'm thankful for Saturday morning sleep ins, because I'm really not good at mornings. My plan this week was to start waking up at 6am, and I haven't made good progress so far, but hey, there's always tomorrow!

Anyway I think it's good to ensure you get the sleep you need, and I am pretty renowned for having power naps. I never get sick anymore, (touch wood), because as soon as I feel run down, I sleep, and it seems to keep my immune system ticking along happily. 

I owe a lot of this napping style to my sweet Dad, who has always felt relaxed about taking a nap when one is needed. He is a night owl like me, and compensates for lack of night sleep hours by crashing out during the day when he can.

I also owe my belief in napping to the incredible SARK, a writer of colourful self-help books who wrote this one to my utter delight:

If you're into napping, this book will help free you of guilt. I've had my own copy for years!

Anyway, who doesn't love the look of a welcoming bed?

In the 1001 Ways to Relax book, which is a fantastic book for ideas to beat stress, you can invite peaceful sleep by doing these things:

"Lay your head on a pillow or cushion to release anger and tension. Imagine it's a sponge sucking and absorbing all the tensions and frustrations out of your mind, like blotting paper, from which they evaporate into the air."

"Select your bedtime reading carefully. Current affairs can re-renergise your mind at the wrong time. Restrict yourself to poetry or fiction suitable for mulling over as you drift off to sleep."

"Never take work to bed! However tempting it may be to read a report in bed, this will blur the boundaries between work and rest, making it more difficult for you to switch off from work concerns when it's time for you to sleep."

"Make peace with the world before you go to sleep with a simple prayer of forgiveness for yourself and
anyone else who may have disturbed your equilibrium."

"Use images to prime restful sleep. Some people can cue pleasant dreams by meditating on a positive subject - a cherished friend, a much-loved landscape, or a masterpiece of art - for a few minutes before they go to bed. Choose a subject that evokes calm. Meditate on it before sleeping and after waking from nightmares to avoid slipping back into the same bad dreams."

Enjoy and celebrate sleep, and take that nap if you need it!

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  1. Not good at mornings and you still plan to rise at 6am, unless you have to for work or school runs etc, I really wonder why. :)

  2. I always take so long to get ready in the mornings, fiddling about with clothes and jewellery, straightening my hair, reading blogs, reading books, doing my makeup. I'd like to get to work half an hour earlier. I don't really need to in terms of preparation, but 'other people' think it looks more professional to be early. xx

  3. Weekend naps are the best. Now that my son is at school I've found new appreciation for weekends. No lunches to prepare, nowhere to rush.

    Oh, and I think I need that nap book.

  4. What a great post, Wendy! I am a nap lover, also. Somewhere in my archives in a post I did on napping:) Thanks for linking up again this week~I'll have a featured button made up, so be sure and grab it for being highlighted for your sky gazing last week!


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