Sunday, 18 March 2012

Thrifty Finds

I don't have room in my home to start making collections of thrifted objects, but I am always happy to add to my collection of books.  So my form of thrifting is to go to secondhand bookshops.

Yesterday, I was thrilled to get these 5 books for $13.50!

I'm pretty sure I will love all these books! Her Fearful Symmetry and Jasper Jones have been on my 'to find' list for awhile, The Hunter is a book about searching for the Tasmanian Tiger, Amy Tan and Paullina Simons are authors I have read before and really loved. So I'm stoked about these finds!

What do you search for in second-hand shops?

I'm playing along with Sophie at Her Library Adventures where everyone shares their Flea Market Finds.

Go and have a look!


  1. I read Jasper Jones last year and LOVED it. I have the same cover - apparently it's hard to find! I LOVE the cover.

  2. I'm so sad there are not lovely secondhand book stores close to my house. I will put aside my jealousy and be happy for your loot! I hope you enjoy them.


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