Friday, 23 March 2012

Friday Funny - Our Cat

On Fridays, I like to join up with Shelly at Tropical Mum to share our Friday Funnies. This week I am sharing a pic of my cat Whiskers in all his glory:

He thinks he owns the place, and will just flop down wherever, mostly to start cleaning himself, which we try to tell him is a private thing. But he doesn't care. He's the boss. He does what he wants! Here, he was actually sleeping in that position, and when I came up to him with the camera he looked up.

Why don't you share your funny pics with us at Tropical Mum



  1. very cute!!! Almost like he is saying "Is this my good side?"

  2. You could do a LOLcats with that one! So cute. I was just thinking today that we need to have a pet. They bring so much fun into our lives don't they?!

  3. Cats certainly think they are in charge. Cute photo.


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