Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunday Session - The Beat of Drums

Last week I was switching between radio stations in the car and I came across this song, which is a recent cover by Tim Freedman of the song You Weren't in Love With Me, originally sung by Billy Field. When Billy Field sang it way back (in 1981) it was a piano song with a sad feel to it. Tim Freedman has revved it up, adding a continuous drumbeat and a whole lot of humour.

While I was listening to the Tim Freedman song, I was reminded of this magnificent song, with the same continuous drumbeat, called You Little Thief, sung by Irish singer, Feargal Sharkey. The clip is fantastic and I love Feargal Sharkey's energy!  Those people's legs must have been killing after climbing up and down those stairs all through the video! 

Funny how the sentiment in the two songs is similar too.

I'm linking up with Thea for her Sunday Session, where you might want to share some of your favourite songs or listen to some other groovy toons. See you there!


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  1. What fun! I hadn't heard Tim Freedman's version. I loved him in The Whitlams. He's lightened up a bit!! Great songs this week. I always love your Sunday Sessions. :)


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