Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Favourite Romantic Movies for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day brings to mind all the wonderfully romantic films that have left me with warm, fuzzy feelings, including these:

Only You

50 First Dates

Love Actually

Pride and Prejudice

Made of Honour

The Holiday

Bridget Jones Diary



and Valentine's Day.

There are also some romantic films with tragic endings that leave you feeling not so happy,
but make you hang on to your loved ones tightly:


City of Angels

Bicentennial Man

Phantom of the Opera

and Moulin Rouge

All favourite films of mine that I could watch over, and over and over! Can you think of any others that stir your romantic soul?
Happy Valentine's Day! xx


  1. Aw...I love BJD :) And it's ironic that you mentioned Only You as I just saw it on TV for the first time recently. It was sweet and you gotta love Robert Downey Jr. in just about anything, right?


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