Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Screen Idols - The Help Cast

There is a lot of raving going on about this movie and rightly so! The book had a huge impact, and the movie is the perfect visual vehicle for the book. The cast is brilliant, and they deserve all their awards.

This is really just the beginning for Emma Stone - she is going to be a huge star!
 Octavia Spencer is a real cutie and has all the funny lines as Minny Jackson!

Being a teacher, I can relate to the life of a nanny, and Viola Davis plays the part of Aibileen with absolute conviction.

Bryce Dallas Howard plays the villain, Hilly Holbrook to a T. Her face just screams vicious. (Hard to believe she is sweet-as-pie Ron Howard's daughter!)

Celia Foote is an endearing character. Very Marilyn and naive. Jessica Chastain is a sweetie in this role.

If you haven't seen it yet, make a point of watching The Help, and give the book a go too. There is much to be learned from a story such as this. xx


  1. Sounds interesting. I haven't seen the movie yet (and I haven't read the book either) but I'll keep it in mind for next movie night.

  2. I loved that movie. I have the book but didn't get around to reading it before the movie but I hope the movie did the book justice. Great cast and acting.

  3. I read the book a while ago...before I had heard anything about the movie. I even did a couple of blog posts while I was reading it!...When the movie came out I saw it too...a couple of times. GREAT...both book and movie!...I'm originally from Georgia, and grew up during this time period. I remember the dance of racism that took place at the time. Oh yes! People could really learn something from this book and movie!

  4. Deb, I feel humbled to know that you grew up during this time. I hope you never personally experienced direct segregation like the women in the Help. My heart goes out to the people who did. xx

  5. I must read this book from my TBR shelf as I also want to see the film, but prefer to read the book first.

  6. I liked the movie. As usual preferred the book. Not as usual, I think someone should see the movie first, then read the book. It will fill in everything.

  7. my all time favorite movie...i have watched it twice now (thats a record for me being so busy)...love it , love it ...love it...plus i plan to watch it again and again...


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