Sunday, 19 February 2012

Mirror Songs - Sunday Session

When I first saw this video last week, I thought it was an awesome song. Bruno Mars' voice sends shivers!

The clip is quite controversial with it's blood-like paint and Christ symbolism. I also find it quite difficult to look at Lil Wayne's tattoos and blingy teeth! However, the lyrics and melancholy melody are well-worth a listen:

I found this mash up of Coming Home (which I adore) and Eminem's When I'm Gone. The lyrics are very heartfelt, and again, even if you're not into rap, the lyrics, the video and the pretty melody of the chorus leave a big impression:

We watched the 30th Anniversary Jackson's Tribute Concert the other night, and it is still so great to watch The Man in action. Man in the Mirror is such a brilliant song. I can pretty much guarantee if you watch this clip from the Moonwalker movie that you'll sing along with it!

I'm linking up with Thea's Sunday Session at Do I Really Wanna Blog, where you can hear some old favourites and some newbies. xx

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  1. I can't say I have heard of any of these songs before. Not really my kind of music but you are right about the wonderful lyrics


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