Saturday, 11 February 2012

In the city to see the Cake Boss

Last week we ventured into town on the train to the Convention Centre to see Buddy Valastro, the Cake Boss. I took some shots of the city buildings, because I love the architecture and the combination of old and new.

Buddy's show was great!

He was warm, funny, and our cheeks were hurting at the end from laughing. The show involved bringing different groups of people up on stage to decorate cupcakes, and the audience cheered to show whose decorating was the best. They were pretty woeful efforts, but everyone on stage was so nervous in front of the crowd and the Boss. I certainly wouldn't have gone up there! Sometimes the contestants had danceoffs to choose a winner, when the cake decorating was too bad. It was a laugh! The music to accompany the comps was well chosen too - big favourites from over the years to get the crowd really pumped.

Buddy also spent time just talking to the crowd, telling us his story, and about his determination to make Carlo's Bakery a household name. He had a great message about family honour, togetherness, hard work, high goals, and being good. You couldn't help but leave the show smiling.

The only downer was that all the talk about cake had us hoping we would find canolis under our seats (Oprah style) but it was not to be. So we walked through the city after the show and found Miss Maud's where I indulged in a raspberry macaroon, and a slice of apple cake, which were delish!


  1. That is weird! I would have expected to taste something he had made too! Particularly a canoli!! Even if you had to pay for it afterwards from a stand outside. Very strange.

    I had never heard of the cake boss person before until this week when lots of stuff is about here and there and on facebook and the like about cake boss. I'm gathering it is something foxtel?

  2. Cake Boss is on Lifestyle Food on Foxtel. They make amazing cakes at his bakery, but are just as famous for their canolis. xx

  3. How great! I love the Cake Boss!! :-)


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