Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday Session - Legendary Ladies

There has been much excitement over Adele lately, especially with her winning a whole lot of Grammys the other day.

You may have noticed I like finding mash-ups of songs that add a bit of interest to each song.

In my search for Adele mash-ups, this one was by far the best, and made me reminisce about 80s music. Both of these ladies' voices are amazing, and I love the way the two songs sound together!

Head over to Thea's blog, Do I Really Wanna Blog for some more great, and perhaps quirky music!


  1. Absolutely LOVE this mash-up!! Great choice, and I agree, these two ladies have such amazingly powerful voices!!

  2. AWESOME mashup!! works really well!! Now I do wish I had an ipod!

  3. Wow! This works surprisingly well.
    Thanks for sharing such a fun tune.

  4. Wow! That's amazing. I love it!!

  5. This is so cool. Love it. They're both such amazing artists!


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