Sunday, 29 January 2012

Shopping for shoes and stationery

Had a couple of quick visits to the shops this week. Mainly because I needed some shoes for school, which goes back tomorrow! Saw this great sign in Typo. Love it!

So I bought these:

and these:

on sale from the Shoe Rack.

And I couldn't resist buying all these gorgeous things for school from Typo, which is my favourite shop:

The A4 notebooks are 3 for $10. Gotta love that. And the hopscotch pic is a mouse mat! xx


  1. I love quirky things fom typo too. Nice shoes , teaching is something I would have liked to do.

  2. I am a fan of typo too, they have the cutest things. Great pricing too.

  3. Hope you had a lovely productive first day back without too many boring meetings! I think I may not have replied to your email so - very glad you have a great EA who makes all your resources for you over her holidays, what a find!! Have a good first day back with the kids on Wednesday and I hope your new class is just lovely.

  4. Of course, it's summer where you are! Lovely shoes.

    The notebooks are great. I love them, and tend to buy new ones even if I don't need them.


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