Wednesday, 4 March 2009

New camera!!!!!

Hey everyone! I've had a few days away from blogging because I've been doing some organising and decluttering. And I have a NEW CAMERA! Yay! (Actually, I'm surprised how well I survived without one!) Nothing over the top, but something compact and cute.

I put up a display of the children's work at school - self-portraits, handprints, footprints, and crazy faces using magazine pictures.

Also they have made some adorable family drawings. Such a range of drawing styles. I love them!


  1. love the camera...Yeah..I am glad that you are back in the land of picture taking I have missed seeing all your fabulous pics... love the drawings by your kids ...they will be fabulous framed for the parents for precious are those footprints and handprints... i want to come to your class Mrs Sice... i promise i will be good...

  2. so cool you got a new camera. Im still buzzing over mine and have had it for months! You guys need to move to Tassie!!!!! Love Chels (staying at Mum and Dad's for the weekend!)


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