Wednesday, 25 March 2009

52 Questions

I thought I'd let you in on some of the answers and scrapping I've done for Emily Falconbridge's 52 Q scrapbooking/journalling project for 2009. We're meant to scrap a small page or tag (in whatever way we wish!), for each question Emily asks. Emily is already up to question 12, but I can't move as fast as that! I've only completed four!! I'll try to catch up in the school holidays.
No.1 Front

No.2 Front


No.3 Front


No.4 Front


It cracks me up that Emily asks all these deep and meaningful questions, and then throws in one like, "Do you believe in fairies?" Love it! I've really enjoyed making these. If someone had said to me when I was in primary school " you're going to have an obsession with stationery when you grow up," I never would have believed them! But, hey... I have. You should check out Emily's 52Q project yourself - maybe get a notebook and write down the answers, you don't have to scrap them. The questions really make you think, and I've tried to be very honest to myself in answering them.

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  1. ouch ...i dont think i dare ...i already have three note books on the go ... one with wuestions for a mother to answer about herself and her childhood... another with random quotes i enjoy and one i started in Mexico that has bits and pieces in it that challenge me to improve myself...and i still have one that Bonnie gave me for Christmas that i am saving for something special.....perhaps i will start it on June 8th....the start of a new era of old age..not looking forward to that one but you can turn it into a positive as long as you have health and you marbles...a book maybe????.


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