Sunday, 22 March 2009

More Wonderland Characters

Here are some more of the little Wonderland fellows.

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  1. Please Wendy Please ....i think you have all the characters now....i am waiting by the letter box for the Postie to bring the drawings...i really want to do that quilt ...i am booked in to start a "what ever you want to do" quilt class with Kelvins sister Carol the first week in April so how about it?????? how big are the character squares going to be ...i have to know that to decide how big to make thewallhanging/quilt
    how many characters are there there !!!...It would make and awesome wall hanging for the class room...a great once a month theme for the 12 months of the year...perhaps finishing with the mad hatters tea party as the last end of year activity with all the kids dressed fun would that be for the parents to attend??? years theme for the year perhaps??....that gives me the year to make the quilt perfect....hint hint ...i will make it for you.... did i say???? that?????


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