Saturday, 28 February 2009


I have just read a gorgeous book called The Necklace, about 13 women who each contribute money to buy a diamond necklace worth $37000! They take turns to wear the necklace and use it to raise funds for different charities. The women become very close friends and their lives become greatly enriched through friendship and sharing. It's a true story!

I like the way each chapter focuses on one of the women, describing her life up until they buy the necklace, and then how life changes for them once they are in the group. It is fascinating!


  1. you must stay up all night reading Wendy...when do you find the time to do all this you know how to speed read????? i cant wait for the day when i have nothing to do so i can curl up with a good book for the whole day and just read.... i think that would be ther ultimate retirement for me..... knowing my luck i will have gone blind by then...LOL

  2. No, I don't speed read. But, usually, I read for half an hour in the morning, about half an hour after school, and about an hour before bedtime. My housework isn't perfect though!! And I know yours is!


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