Sunday, 29 March 2009

Tulgey Wood Cards

There's a part of the Alice in Wonderland movie which had a huge impact on me when I was a kid; when Alice is lost in Tulgey Wood. The red pathway is brushed away by a dog creature with a broom for a head, and she realises she does not know where to go. She cries and cries and is so alone. As a child it was my worst thought, to be lost in the woods all by myself. Little Red Riding Hood, Babes in the Wood, Hansel and Gretel, they all played a part in this fear. But because Alice's trauma was captured on celluloid, it had the biggest impact of them all. Still, the images are appealing in an artistic way and I needed some blokey colours for my set of Wonderland cards.

Besides, owls are too cute!

My intention is to produce a set of 10 cards, each representing a different part of Alice in Wonderland, that can be used as greeting cards, birthday cards, Valentine's Day cards, Halloween cards, wedding cards, 21st cards, anything that suits, really. I'd love to start an Etsy shop, and I already have a name for it: Whimsical Works. I've had this name in mind for about 15 years, from when I wrote a children's book at uni.

I intend to make other card ranges too, all related to fairytales or magical tales. (I've already started planning some ideas for my next set: The Wizard of Oz). Who will be interested? Who knows? All I know is that I watch one of the Etsy shops each day (A Black Apple), and a month ago she had sold 21100 items from her shop and now she has sold 21700! It is a full time job for both her and her partner. She sells magical, and often odd, paintings, prints, postcards and dolls, and does a roaring trade. So, you never know....


  1. You've caused me stress woman! I've gotten so excited, I've created my own blog thanks to your infectious enthusiasm...and now can't find anything in it I've uploaded. I need a PD day with you!!!lol. Hey, love the cards about putting Alice on the ground in one of the cards...and maybe have paths taking Alice to other stories like Where The Wild Things Are? Or a yellow brick road, which could lead into another set of cards on the Wizard Of Oz theme?

  2. Woohoo! More blog friends! Not sure where your photos are. Sign in again and go to edit - that might work. Sometimes if you press enter or backspace too many times they go into the ether!

    Thanks for the card ideas! Did you know there is a movie of Where the Wild things are coming out this year?! Totally cool. Don't give up on your blog! I need to see those quilts!

  3. Hello my fantastically creative and whimsical sister! I was thinking the other day about your cards and whether you were into the Wizard of Oz as well. Particularly as I have seen Wicked twice and just love it. Next time you are around I'll show you the tour book with the gorgeous costumes. I have the soundtrack as well and love it. Love Kris xx

  4. you have gotta get this card thing off the ground Wendy... go goggling to check out ways to get you amazing stuff out there and i am with Coss 9 all the way...Tell he i will check her site out too...welcome to the land of blog..yeah) can go down every road of fantasy with these ....and i am pretty sure it hasnt been done so patoned it... before someone jumps the gun on you...

  5. I love it when I see people actually DO things! You have been crazy making making making! I LOVE it! Get the etsy site SOON!


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