Saturday, 14 March 2009

Among the Flowers

I've been making more Alice in Wonderland cards today. The designs are inspired by the singing pansies. Remember this scene from the movie? I love the bread-and-butterflies and the rocking horse flies. The white rose is beautiful too. Shame the rest of the flowers are so bitchy!

I gave these ones a bit of an antique touch. Perhaps handy as cards for Mums and Nannas!


  1. remember me...i am a Nanna...the cards are truly beautiful Wendy....Q..are we going to do the Alice in Wonderland quilt??? i have bee checking out the materials(found some really amazing ones that i know would be just perfect) but i think it would be better if i had the drawings and made them into panels can actually have the darwings laser printed onto material now and then go from there....

  2. Oh many are you going to do????12 is a good amount you can use strips of corresponding/ matching col;ours to make the squares...will send you some pics of the style when i get home....i am serious about doing this quilt....

  3. Me too! I only have six drawings at the moment and working on another six. I'm not very good at prioritising my artistic endeavours!!! Give me another 2weeks and I'll send copies to you.


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