Sunday, 8 March 2009

Bridal Fair

Hi! Today is quite unbearable because it is 35 degrees and our air conditioning pump has died! Thick air makes me nauseous, and I am not enjoying sweltering!

However YESTERDAY was a GREAT day because we went to a huge Bridal Fair at the Convention Centre. Emma is getting married in September, so she wanted to look at all the possibilities for the perfect fairytale wedding, and I'm one of the bridesmaids! ('Maid of honour' maybe, or 'the old married one' even! Hehe!)

First we met up with Karen (Emma's other bridesmaid/old married one) at a fabric shop so Emma could tell her about the design she has in mind for her gown (Karen is going to make it).

Then we oohed and aahed over pretty laces, and silks, while I took in the decor.

Then we went into the city to the Bridal Fair where we got excited over dresses, tiaras, cars, cakes, flowers and table settings.

I love this black and white setting with touches of pink.

How beautiful is this cake??!! (Well, collection of cakes).

And this scrapped wedding photo and keepsake box?

And how adorable is this place setting/bomboniere box? Cute as anything!

I love love LOVE this clutch and shoes!

Sparkly gowns...

More sparkles...
And even more sparkles!
Silky fabrics...

gorgeous flowers... and more pretty table settings.

Here is Emma's lux engagement ring (41 diamonds...what the??) and her Christmas present ring (swoon!)

HAD to stop for something to eat! This was the only real problem with the fair - nowhere decent to buy food and drinks. The food that was available was fried and expensive, and the queue for hot drinks was a mile long!

One of the best things at the fair was the cars (and I'm not even usually into cars)! LOVED this cadillac.

And the mustangs were pretty groovy too.

Aah, window shopping bliss!


  1. That clutch and shoe are AMAZING!

  2. OOOOWWWWW i loved that tier of cakes ..... those dresses are to die for...(perhaps in another life).... your new camera is obviously not a challenge...the shots are great...and my favorite table setting went with you... the black and white with touch of pink..

  3. Chelsea here... how divine!!!! I adore the shoes and I WANT that chandelier....!

  4. Great shots with the new camera.Dont forget this camera doesnt like to swim in water like the last one........


  5. YOU ARE BLOGGING RIGHT NOW... aren't you???? we are onto you deary

  6. Makes me want to be a wedding planner. So exciting Congratulations Emma!

  7. Karen must be brave to sew a wedding dress. I don't mind making the odd shirt for myself, but the pressure would be horrendous to make an important dress like that.


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