Sunday, 15 March 2009

Consuming words

I have just finished reading another Barbara Erskine. Love her books! This was a collection of short stories. Where does she get all her ideas?? I suppose, where I am compelled to make things, writers are compelled to write. It fascinates me though! I especially love her ghost stories.


  1. i wish you lived here ...i want to get into that library of you keep your books or do you take them to a second hand book seller and do some swapping???? i keep the ones i really love(until there is no more room on the bookcase or i decide to just bite the bullet and they go) and we have a RS bookclub once a month and we do swap and borrow..

  2. I mostly keep my books, but half the time they are either borrowed from Mum or Kristie. Some books I read are just such masterpieces I can't let them go! I can send you some to borrow if you wish?


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