Sunday, 22 March 2009

Kristie's Birthday Party!!!!!

We went to Jetty's Restaurant at Hillary's Boat Harbour on Saturday night. The food was delish, and I got to indulge in my seafood favourites like chilli mussels, squid rings, sushi, crab meat and prawns. (By the way they have a huge buffet there, if it sounds like I was ordering lots of dishes for myself!) There were adorable little desserts too, like mini custard tarts and date slices which were DIVINE! We almost didn't need to have any birthday cake after that, but cake we had, and it was a beauty!! With all those candles on it, it looked like there was a bonfire on our table! (And Kristie's not even that old!) The hilarious moment of the night was trying to get a photo of that cake all aglow, and one of Kristie blowing out the candles. It was all just a blur! We laughed and laughed at the photos on our cameras and mobiles until the mascara was streaming down our faces!

Hysterical! Happy Birthday Kris!


  1. They are precious treasued moments you have captured there Wendy... aren't you glad we have birthdays ???.....elsewise we wouldnt have any occasions to have a party and cakes with candles....Happy Birthday Kristie!!! you three girls are so alike...beautiful sisters.... Jonathon would have been in his element too with all that seafood...yum

  2. Funnily enough, all of that seafood Jonathon had when he was young was enough to tide him over for his adult life, and he NEVER has seafood now. That's why I always get excited about going out to dinner!


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