Friday, 27 March 2009

Here are the final three drawings!

Finally, the last three characters from Alice in Wonderland; the March Hare, the Dodo and the Dormouse. There are now 12. Yay!! We can start making a quilt! Check your mailbox next week, Auntie Anne!

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  1. you are amazing Wendy...just love these last three characters..... that postman will think i am stalking him...LOL....i have been thinking about this quilt and checking out materials in all the quilting shops....i am so excited about it...i am going to drop everything to get it done....i will be making two at the same time wont for you and one for it might just take me the year to get it i have committed to that promise of making yours as well....Thanks Wendy ...i know i have been hassling you...but i am sure once you see it all together it will be worth it....


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