Saturday, 30 June 2012

Modcloth Dresses

I love looking through the clothes on Modcloth's site, even though I never take the plunge and buy them, but there are four fashion bloggers I follow who I know do. So while I was adding to my own wishlist, I was noticing dresses that these four girls would probably love, so I thought I'd show you my picks for them:

Rebecca from The Clothes Horse

I chose the Swan in a Million Dress for Rebecca because she often wears sleeveless dresses
with above-the-knee skirts, and she sometimes wears ethereal prints like this.

I chose The On and Ombre Dress for Kate, because she often wears cute pastel dresses that sit
above the knee.

I chose the Retro Happy Day Dress for Sophie because she likes dresses with 70s prints, and now that she is preggers, this dress would expand with her growing belly!

Ally, from The Vintage Valley

I chose the Baba-Blue dress for Ally because she often wears 30's and 40's style dresses with an
I Love Lucy feel.

And for me, I chose the An Afternoon With You Dress,

because I like below-the-knee, architecturally-inspired art deco style dresses!

What's your style?

Go visit these adorable fashion bloggers and be inspired!


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