Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My Favourite Scent

Over at  Sweet Little Pretties, Lisa is asking, What is your favourite scent?
There are dozens I could name, but I especially love the scent of roses.

I also love how my boys smell after they've had a shower! Especially if they've washed their hair. 
All fruity and sweet!


A few years ago I gave up using chemicals in my bathroom, and found miessence products to replace them. They smell so yummy and are good for you!  
On my sidebar you can press the 'Shop' button and it will take you to our miessence shop where we have a whole range of organic goodies for the bathroom.
These are my two favourite ones:

Head over to Sweet Little Pretties to find more scents that people love, and add your own,
 if you wish!



  1. There is nothing like the scent of roses especially the dark red and my favourite, Sutters Gold. x

  2. Some great scents! I love roses too!
    Thank-you for playing along

    1. I love playing along with your meme -it makes me smile thinking of my favourite things! xx


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