Monday, 25 June 2012

It's Monday, What Are You Reading?

Hello, my bookish friends!

It was an exciting Saturday for me, because, although we don't have Book Expo America, we do have
Supanova Pop Culture Expo, where we can meet famous authors and actors! I could have spent thousands of dollars there on photos, signatures and books, of course. Well, in the end, I met these wonderful authors, Juliet Marillier and Marianne de Pierres (in the middle is actor Suzie Plakson from Star Trek):

Bevan McGuiness

and Colin Taber

and I stood near Matthew Reilly and Christopher Paolini, but their lines were too long to wait for an autograph. Cool to see them in the flesh though!
So now I have a new pile of fantasy, dark fantasy, adventure and cyberpunk dystopian books to read!

I'm loving all the gorgeous covers! Have you read any of these authors? They are all Australian, so possibly not, but they are all up there with the heavy weights like Robin Hobb and Suzanne Collins, so definitely worth a read.

We managed to see some of the visiting actors, Christopher Lloyd, Verne Troyer, Eric Roberts and Noah Hathaway from Neverending Story, but it was $40 for a photo and $30 for a signature, so we thought we'd just soak in their awesomeness from a distance! 

In other bookish news, I finished reading Insurgent and was COMPLETELY absorbed in it - 
just couldn't put it down. 

I enjoyed it more than Divergent because there was less violence and teenage romance, and more rebellion and mind control. The ending was BRILLIANT, and now I'm really looking forward to the third book in the series!

I also read Snow White and the Huntsmen this week. I was inspired to do so after seeing the film
Red Riding Hood, because of the whole modern fairytale thing.

And now I want to see the film of this one! Maybe we'll see it at the cinema next week. :)

Well I'm off to visit Book Journey, to see what everyone else is reading, and I might actually have time to comment this week!

See you there!


  1. Some great books and authors there! I am reading Snow White and the Huntsman - went to see the movie last night it is amazing!

  2. Sounds like you had a great expo. It's always nice to meet new authors. But authors asking money for a signature? That's new to me.

    Enjoy the week, with the new books!

    1. The authors signed for free, but the actors from movie and TV charged. I was lucky to get the Suzie Plakson shot free of charge! :)

  3. First, I love your header. Second, that pop culture expo sounds fantastic! I wish we had something like that here. Have a great reading week. :-)

    1. Thanks Stephanie! Not sure where you are, but if Perth has an Expo you may have something like it close to you! :)

  4. I am so very very jealous, you have actually met some of my favourite authors! I have seen Snow White and the Huntsman and it was everything I thought it would be. Enjoy all of your new books. x

    1. I get such a thrill out of meeting authors and talking to them about their characters and book covers. They are always so nice too. :)

  5. I love all kinds of bookish events! Although I haven't read any of these authors, I'm sure I will at some point. I've been intrigued by several that I've seen.

    I have a book on my Kindle that's by an Australian author: Rain.

    Can't wait.

    I loved The Paris Wife, too, and cringed at that part about losing the manuscript.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    1. I'm pretty sure you'd love Juliet Marillier's books! :)


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