Thursday, 7 June 2012

Queen for a Day Jubilee Celebration

Over at A Snap, A Set and A Song, we are sharing our interpretations of the Jubilee theme. I thought I would imagine what it would be like to have been Queen Elizabeth II on her
Coronation Day.

My Snap:

My Set:

Queen for a Day!

South sea pearl jewelry
$25 -

Biba feather shawl
£125 -

Yves saint laurent lipstick
$32 -

Floris diamonds perfume
£99 -

Nails Inc glitter nail polish
$9.50 -

1950's Tea cup Vintage Teaset Violet flower Tea cup Trio. English Bone...
$25 -

My Song:

Not a song for a Queen, but I thought King was pretty close.:)

Gotta love their 80s hairstyles in this clip-brilliant!

Drop by Thea's blog to see some more Jubilee posts, and maybe make one yourself!



  1. Did she ever wear heels like that??
    Lovely work as usual
    How do you make the set pics? If its easy I might join one day!!

    1. It's really easy Ally, and FUN (aka addictive).
      Have a look here

      Sorry for butting in Wendy, I'm just excited about the prospect of a new linker!! :D

    2. I'm excited that Ally might join in too, Thea! The trick to polyvore, Ally, is to go to Create, enter a word in the search, like queen or London, and it will bring up pictures that you can just drag across to your space, and resize as you wish. Once you've got the hang of it you can add lettering and backgrounds. It's just fun to play around and see what you can find! And the clothes link to real shops too! :)

  2. My mom was pregnant with me when she assumed the throne. Not much of an event here (it's actually a non-event), but it must be very exciting within the Commonwealth. Great picture of a young Queen.

  3. Love the snap, she was so lovely!
    And SNAP on the set, great dress!! I loved her style.
    Another great song I hadn't heard for ages. I had that record too!! And I still love the 80s hairdos, I don't care what anyone says. lol

    Another wonderful SS&S.
    Thanks so much for linking.

    1. I was trying to find a full-length version of the snap I chose to see what the Queen was wearing, but couldn't find one! I liked the thought of her wearing a red dress! :)


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