Sunday, 1 July 2012

Pyjama Daze

This week has been a bit of a daze, because even though I tried SO HARD not to get a cold, I got one: first a searingly sore throat, then laryngitis, then a dry, relentless cough. I managed to get to work this week, even though I could barely speak, mainly because I got my assistant to run the class, and also because I had a 
2-day workshop to attend, where I could mostly just listen.

The weekend has just been me in pyjamas, and I wish I could say I looked like this:

but let's be realistic!

Even with all the sleep I have had to make this cold go away, it's not going away in a hurry, 
and that is very annoying for me!

Well, one more week of school, and it is the holidays, and 
we are off to Melbourne for 10 days! 
So I better have some energy by then.

Do have plans for the school hols?



  1. Oh no, hopefully you are all better for your holiday! I guess at least you didn't get sick at the end of the term, that' what always happens to me! So annoying being sick on school holidays. Have a fantastic time in Melbourne :)

  2. I think it felt like the end of term when I finished dealing with reports, so that's why I got my cold a week early! xx


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