Sunday, 17 June 2012

Food For the Soul

A couple of weeks ago, the young men from church held a Mothers' Day dinner for their mums. It was beautifully done, with set tables, and fancy serviettes, a yummy meal, and our sons taking our orders. 
They were so sweet! 

During dinner, we had the chance to catch up with all the other mums 
and talked about food, travel, camping and more.

After dinner, we watched a video of the young men being interviewed, answering questions like "What is your Mum's favourite food", "What colour are her eyes?" and "When was the last time she said she loved you?" The boys responses were sometimes funny, sometime hilarious, and sometimes really heartfelt. 
It was a gorgeous idea!

Our church has some wonderful programmes, and the youth ones keep them busy, learning and entertained.



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    1. It was such a great experience for them and us (and some dads even helped out in the kitchen!)xx


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