Saturday, 23 June 2012

Supanova Pop Culture Expo

With report writing over - finally!- weekends will be a bit more free! Today we are off to the Supanova Pop Culture Expo, where I hope to meet some famous authors and movie stars. We have been going to this expo for the last three years, and, while it's always a bit weird to see adults playing dress-ups, as they do, it's kinda cool too!

This year the authors visiting will be:

Love love love her books!

Mega famous!

 Also mega famous!

Writes brilliant dystopian novels

Writes cool fantasy books!

And there are some well known actors I would like to see:

from one of my all time fave movie trilogies, Back to the Future

who played Etreyu in Neverending Story (major hottie!)

Viktor Krum from the Harry Potter films (cute)

and Mini-me from the Austin Power films!

Looking forward to this, and hope to get some good pics to share with you!
If you live in Perth, might see you there!


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