Thursday, 28 June 2012

River Picnic - A Snap, A Set and A Song

I love preparing for Thursday's post for A Snap, A Set, and A Song, because I can be creative with fashion, pictures and colour on Polyvore! This week's theme was River, and my first thought was of the film The Painted Veil, set in the 1920s in China.

My Snap is the well-known movie poster:

Such an awesome river shot!

My Set takes me on a river picnic through the Orient:

River Picnic

Sailor dress
€134 -

Leather shoes
$64 -

Brahmin handbag
$365 -

Sterling silver earrings
$59 -

Free People vintage umbrella
$98 -

Yves saint laurent perfume
$175 -

Stila gift sets kit
$45 -

Chinese Bridges Wallpaper
£89 -
$255 -

and My Song is the theme music from the film:

Pop along to A Snap, A Set and A Song to see other people's interpretations of the river theme!



  1. This is Gorgeous Wendy. I've never seen this movie but now I want to!

    1. Thanks, Nat! Actually, I haven't depicted the movie as it really is - the characters certainly weren't going on a river picnic! In fact the main couple, played by Naomi Watts and Edward Norton are completely dysfunctional, and he tricks her into going with him to a cholera-ridden village in China, where they begin to see each other in a more positive light. Definitely worth seeing, but it is quite confronting.

  2. Oooo, it's all so lovely! We both chose piano pieces this week!
    I haven't seen the movie either...must put it on the 'to see' list!

    Thanks for linking again! :)

    1. I adore Naomi Watts, and this film is beautifully made. That was funny about the piano pieces, but I knew you would appreciate hearing that music. :)

      If I'm honest, other River themed songs have been playing over and over in my head this week: Take Me to the River, The River by Bruce Springsteen, and The River by King Trigger (you know the one about floating down the river in a dugout canoe - great 80's song!) xx

  3. I have never heard of the movie, but the poster is a nice work of art. I like the mood it evokes.

    1. You'd love it! The setting, costumes and cinematography are just brilliant in this film. The playing out of the main relationship in the film is interesting to watch too. :)


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