Sunday, 30 May 2010

Random vinyl pick

Another great Australian song (I have a lot of these in my collecton!) by a great band, Hunters and Collectors.

When this single was released, my best friend and I were living in a caravan (our first home away from our family homes) and thought that it had to have been made just for us!  (Although, we actually wanted to live in our little red and white caravan, with red upholstery and red curtains.)

We had only just started on a band-following journey that was to last for the next ten years! Our bands of choice: Hunters and Collectors and Crowded House. We saw those bands live over and over, bought all their records, CDs, tapes, videos, back catalogue from different countres, you name it, we were obsessed! Whenever they played in WA we went to the soundchecks and basically followed them around. We weren't aiming to be groupies, we just wanted to be their friends. The Hunters were pretty kind to us; they always put us on their door list for their gigs so it was free to get in. We thought they were musical geniuses (well they were!), and this song is from the peak of their popularity.

I love the vid, they look so slick, compared to their rough and ready early days. They always incorporate Austalian icons in their videos, such as the lawnmower in this one. If you listen carefully, the beautiful harmony in the chorus is sung by Neil Finn. Sends chills up my spine even now. Love it!

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