Tuesday, 1 June 2010

My Place and Yours - Things that make you smile

Over at Hello Owl, this week's meme theme is "Things in your home that make you smile," hosted by Hayley over at Our Unique Journey. Now I know it's not very original to say 'my family' make me smile, but they always have me in hysterics when I'm trying to take a normal photo of them. Everything looks good, I press the button, and they just pull faces, over and over and OVER! Hysterical!!

Oh, my funny, crazy boys! Did they make you smile?


  1. Hi Wendy
    Not sure if you got my previous message about winning on my blog giveaway. If you did reply I may not have got it, it seems my emails were going astray for some reason! :(

    Anyway you can check it out here: http://thecraftynomad.blogspot.com/2010/05/winners-day.html

    And you can contact me at jowestfoot(at)hotmail.com

    Would love to hear from you!
    Jo - aka the crafty nomad!

  2. hi wendy, of course, you have two loving boys to make you smile:) that's sweet!

  3. Hi Wendy that made me smile, cos your two boys remind me of my one big boy aka my hubby.

    I love people who can laugh at themselves and I get a sense from your photos your two boys have a similar send of humour to my hubbies.

  4. Very smiley I particularly love the backstabbing moment.

  5. what a mad pair.... that really proves the statement that says Boys will be boys.... love it

  6. hi, just popped in from the textured leaf.

    Great pic's of your boys, love photos like that!

    great blog too...

  7. Re my extra area.... i have one whole side of the tudy and Kelvin has the other... i will be more organized and have it enclosed in a very compact system of storage and it will be at my fingertips... cant wait....full bench across my side of the room...shelving above for all the bits and pieces all in baskets.... sewing and scrapbooking here i come.!!!


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