Thursday, 13 May 2010

My Creative Space - The Mad Hatter

After my long-winded efforts at using acrylics to paint my Alice in Wonderland drawings, I decided that I'm really not that good at it, because I kept making mistakes! Soooo, I decided to go computerised and am now colouring my characters in Photoshop. MUCH easier, once I got the hang of it, and I'm loving the way the Mad Hatter turned out!

I haven't printed it out yet, because I ran out of ink printing out all my photos from Broome, but I will be doing that sometime on the weekend. Stay tuned for more Wonderland characters in the following weeks!


  1. i love the way he turned out too. he looks quite the cheeky fellow

  2. I love the way he has turned out! I thought I'd let you know about a giveaway happening next week to help promote your etsy shop - check out this blog
    love ya xx

  3. oh isn't he quite a cute mad hatter! I like how you decided you weren't very good at your painting... But.... if you practice won't you get better?? Photoshop is handy too though! lol

  4. good work, I wouldn't know the first thing about making a computer graphic image!

  5. Thank you for stopping by my blog! It's so great to meet other bloggers out there. :)

  6. I dont blame you, I cant paint details on anything! its like a toddler learning to draw! your mad hatter looks fantastic! after you print it you could use pencils to give him more depth.
    xx Courtney

  7. I love your Mad Hatter! Even though he was drawn on Photoshop, he still has oodles of character and personality ;-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, you're welcome any time! :-)

  8. Hi Wendy,
    Just popped by to say hello and thanks for following me and what a lovely blog you have.
    Love :-)


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