Friday, 28 May 2010

I just have to...

I can't bear it -  have to post and read some blogs, and leave some comments. I can feel myself falling out of the loop... Just one hour, that's all I'll allow myself (and hence, admitting to my computer nerdy addiction to the net that I usually have! )

Besides, I ordered a collage and some brooches from Sophie Isobel Designs and I wanted to show you what I did with the brooches. Sophie keeps a pretty blog here.

I put one of them on my camera bag - now making it much easier to find in the depths of my handbag - cute!

And I fed some ribbon through The Queen of Hearts brooch and glued the ribbon to a notebook I am going to use as a journal. I love hearts, and the Queen of Hearts' black and red costume. I think I will even dress up as her for Bookweek this year. 

Now I have to find the courage to write in the journal - my handwriting is not gorgeous, and I'm nervous about wanting to erase the things I write when I read them back. But I've been following Sophie's other blog, The Journal Keepers and they are inspiring me to take that step. Do you keep a journal?


  1. Your camera bag looks so cute now! Great idea.

  2. The badges are so cute. I thought you already kept a journal. I have tried in the past but I find it a weird thing to do... Dear Diary today I had a crush on .. haha. Glad you posted something xx

  3. Oh thanks so much for posting these, it is so lovely yo see what you have done with them. And so fabulous that you are keeping a journal too! Have a wonderful weekend.
    Sophie x


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