Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Wishlist Wednesday - Camera Case

Every time I go to get my camera out of my black work bag, it takes me FOREVER to find it because, wait for it, it's black. I can't even see the thing! So, I've been on a mission tonight, looking for the perfect digital camera case. It's been tricky, because it has to be the right size, padded, with pretty, bright material. I also wanted to buy it from etsy, to support the handmade movement! After much fussing, I found these gorgeous things:

They are listed as coin purses, but they are just the right size for a digital camera. I found them at sewnsational.

If you have the same camera finding dilemma as me, or just want to get stylish, pop on over and check out their lovely goods!

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  1. these camera cases are cute! i have a plain black one. i think it's time to change it. :)


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