Sunday, 2 May 2010

Random Vinyl Pick

I thought it was time to take another random selection out of my vinyl archives, and was so pleased to choose this one!

While it's a bit heavy rock, I LOVE this song, because the chorus has such a great melody and you can have a good holler when you sing along. (I'm pretty sure this is actually my sister's record, and I only got into this song from hearing her sing along to it as well!)

The vid doesn't really do the song justice, because you want to just see Pat sing, but it's a good little story.

It wasn't  until I looked up the video, that I even realised Ashley Tisdale did a version of this song. I love Ashley, but it's not very good. And some other chick, Helen Schneider, released it originally, but she's just a bit weird!

Anyways, have a look at the vid, see if you remember this song, and see if you can stop yourself from singing along.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS...THAT WAS A TOTAL BLAST.... somehow it was not the sort of music i imagined you listening to Wendy but that is a good song i will admit.

  2. Hi Wendy. Love the retro Vinyl. Thanks for stopping by my blogs Craftalicious-Caper and Excuse me Mrs C! I only started the later one today thinking that I would share my love of teaching and new teaching ideas with the blog world and hopefully get some inspiration in return. So pop back as I add more to it :) Look forward to possibly sharing ideas with you in the future, Alissa.

  3. Hey Wendy, it's me... Kristie. Yes I have finally given in and created a blog. It has only taken about 4 days to get my first post published!! The photos from Broome were lovely. I would love a tropical holiday once the weather is a little cooler. Anyway better go, baby girl is having a hissy fit!! Love KK xx


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