Tuesday, 11 May 2010

What to wear, what to wear?

Tuesday Tag-Along

I was just doing the ironing, and working out what to wear tomorrow. Autumn is tricky, because it's cold in the morning, and then warm in the afternoon. It's too warm for boots, but is it cold enough for tights? Well I popped over to polyvore to create a version of the outfit I've chosen for tomorrow.

These pieces are more glamorous than the ones I'm going to wear, but the idea is the same (and my shoes are not so high!)

It will be 24 degrees in Perth tomorrow, so I'll be wearing tights too!

Check out polyvore to create one of your outfits for this week. It's fun!


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  9. Great outfit, love the shoes! It's funny how we think 24 degrees is cold where the rest of the country would think it was a hot day!!

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  12. Gee, busy round here huh? I feel a bit silly being on the Gold Coast and saying I'm cold when it drops to 16C at night, cos thats an average spring/summer day for the Isle of Man! But I do wish Australia would discover central heating. Thank you so much for your lovely comment - the feather range will be in my etsy shop in the next few months and I would be most pleased if you bought something! That yellow is pesky, it burns out at 1280C so I'm tweaking it so it (hopefully) stays nice and bright :)

  13. Oh and, respect for choosing Vivienne Westwood shoes.

  14. 24 and tights... love it. My toes are so cold right now...


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