Sunday, 16 May 2010

Random Vinyl Pick

I've selected a great Australian song from the 80s today. I do so love the Australian bands from the 80s, and the Models were always a lot of fun. I'm surprised I never saw them live in the ten years I constantly went to gigs and concerts. It looks like someone went to the Kimberleys in the north of Western Australia to take the photo for this picture sleeve - red dirt and scrubby trees for miles!

If you look carefully at the clip, yoú might see Wendy Matthews (popular Aussie singer) who started out back up singing for these guys when she was dating singer/guitarist Sean Kelly (the one with his hair tied back.) In this song, James Freud sings, and he is just so cool. A sweet, hypnotic melody. The keyboard at the beginning and the sax at the end are just brilliant!


  1. Hi there
    Seems strange now to think of Wendy Matthews as back up singer for anyone....

    Thanks so much for popping over my way.. Julie

  2. Love your blog - thanks for visiting and thanks too for the link to Shabby blogs. Have a wonderful week ;)


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