Friday, 20 July 2012

The Hunger Games - Film Love

I'm back from my holidays in Melbourne!  I couldn't work out how to post from our iPad while away, so I'll be catching up on some pre-planned posts before I give my travel report. :)

Firstly, a film review for you:

After reading The Hunger Games series I had to watch the film. This film had a greater impact on me than the book. After watching years of  reality TV like Big Brother and Survivor, The Hunger Games made me realise how cruel it is to celebrate competition for our own entertainment, especially when people are placed in difficult circumstances, under the watchful eye of millions. Okay, so with normal television shows, the contestants volunteer, and they are trying to win prize money or fame, and they do not have to kill anyone, but the entertainment-at-other-people's-expense element is still there. 
And there are still moments of torture in those shows; ridicule, isolation, embarrassment and physical trials.

I had felt the Nazi Germany references in the Hunger Games book, but these became more apparent in the film, especially in the chilling, and deathly quiet reaping scene. 

It was sickening to see the people from the Capitol dressed in their outlandish costumes, congratulating the contestants, or tributes, for being chosen

and it was devastating to see the Gamemakers and technicians happily manipulating the games arena to add dangerous elements for more exciting viewing.

The terror felt by the contestants was more apparent in the film, the running and running to avoid fire and wild animals was heart-quickening, especially when their fast breathing and panic were so evident.

I felt the romance actually growing between Katniss and Peeta in the film, while in the book it was pretty much all fake on Katniss' part.

Jen Lawrence played the part of Katniss perfectly. Determined, but terrified. 

She reminded me of Emily Blunt, heaps.

You might remember Jen Lawrence as Mystique in X-Men:

Peeta Mellark was played by Josh Hutcherson, who was kind of hard to relate to, in a way, because I've seen him in so many kid's movies, that he still seemed like a kid to me.

Liam Hemsworth's role as Gale was short and sweet, but, by gee, he is good-looking!

Woody Harrelson played the role of the eternally drunk Haymitch to a T:

and the tyrannical Professor Snow was impressively portrayed by Donald Sutherland:

I hadn't heard anyone mention anywhere before that Cinna was played by Lenny Kravitz!
That was pretty cool.

The Effie Trinket costumes were spectacular, in a Lady Gaga kind of way:

But, ultimately, I didn't like the way this film made me feel; disenchanted and chilled. 
It is a powerful visual piece, that made me reflect on megalomaniac leaders from our past, 
and hope for a future that will be as far from this as possible. 
And I would recommend everyone to see it, for that reason.
Just don't expect to come away with a warm, fuzzy feeling.



  1. Oh Wendy - I found it so disturbing - much more so than the books.
    (and maybe more so because there were some kids in the theatre that I thought were waaay to young to see this)

    I agree its got a lot to offer though...powerful food for thought

    1. Yes, it's definitely not a kids' movie. I can't imagine anyone under twelve being able to really understand the message. It'll be interesting to see how the second book will go as a movie.

  2. Good review Wendy... I've been trying to work out why I didn't enjoy the movie as much as I liked the books and I think you have nailed it. I was thinking it was the casting but really I think witnessing the brutality of people, especially the game markers, was what I found quite off-putting. Hopefully the following movies will play to the rebel in me as they start to fight back? Hope you had a good trip. Caught up with Mum at Aunty Lyn's today. Jenny was there and said she has been waiting on you to update your blog... she is an avid reader :) xx

    1. Yeah, I feel the same about the next two movies - go rebellion! We are so lucky to live where we live, in the times we live.

      Just spoke to Mum on the phone and she was telling me about your visit to Aunty Lyn's today too. And about Lily singing Baa Baa Black Sheep - too cute!

      I'm sure I'll be back to posting my little heart out now - it's good to know I was missed! Luv ya xx


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