Thursday, 26 July 2012

Masquerade - A Snap, A Set and A Song

The theme for this week's Snap, Set and Song meme is Mask, and I just HAD to make my post about the Phantom of the Opera!  Here is a Snap of Christine and Raoul at the Masquerade Ball. 
I simply swoon over those candelabras!

My Song selection is Masquerade, one of my favourites from the musical and film. I think the movie version of this song is even better than the stage version, simply because of the amount of people in the scene (besides, you just can't beat that choreography from the 4 minute mark - adore!) 

I designed my Set to reflect the Masquerade scene from the film, and now I've got that recurring feeling that I want to visit France. Sigh!


Sparkling Cream Rose 12 x 12 Paper

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  1. Oh so much gorgeousness!!
    I had the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack once, I think it was on tape. I played it over and over and over. Amazing music.
    I love your dreamy set.
    If you ever do go to Paris, you must see the Paris Opera beautiful.

    Thanks for linking! :)

    1. Thanks for the tip! I must start those travel plans for Europe...:)

  2. I am sure you know how I feel about Phantom - we even used the same You Tube song for this week.

    I have seen the show on Broadway a number of times, but have not yet had the opportunity to MD it. Would love the challenge. :-)

    1. I was kind of expecting all three of us to use the same song this week, lol! There are some musicals that just make me wanna run away to the theatre, and Phantom is one of them! Hope you get the chance to work on it one day. :)

  3. I loooove your set, it's beautiful. I too used Phantom as inspiration, and used the same song, although a different version. It's definitely one of my fav musicals of all time!

    1. Hi Kylez! So glad you joined in with this Snap, Set and Song! I'll be over to your blog to check out your interpretation! :D


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