Saturday, 21 January 2012

A Hot, Hot Day

Yesterday, we had some catch up time with family and friends, in the 39 degrees heat. We went to Mum's place for lunch with my sister and her two little cuties. Thanks for the yummy lunch Mum! Blake is getting mighty big now, he's three months old already!

Lily was busily playing all afternoon, so that I could barely get a shot of her! So here's a blurry one.

She is such a bundle of fun!

That night we went out to dinner with our friends Richard and his Mum, Betty. Betty goes back home to NSW on Monday after being here since Christmas. She is so sweet!

We went to Caffe Amaretto, which has the BEST food! I had chilli mussels, which is my favourite dish of all time, and a yumlicious slice of cookies and cream cheesecake. Gosh.

I managed to avoid fizzy drink all day. Yay me! xx


  1. It was sooo good! I just love cake. xx

  2. I'm heading down to WA in a couple of weeks, can't wait to enjoy the blistering hot weather there!

  3. dont you love the holidays...i suggest you start with the Di Morresy "the Valley" loved that book...just read Opal Dessert...loved that too...i want to go there...
    catching up with family and friends is the best...
    i am so sure i have met Richards Mum...Temple worker maybe????


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