Thursday, 5 January 2012

Getting Out and About

You can't come to stay with us without having a visit to the Yanchep National Park. Koalas aren't native to WA, but we have some in the Park. How cute is this guy?

I have a thing for pretty buildings too.

We went for a game at the Botanic Golf in Carramar. Gorgeous gardens, and heaps of fun.

And here are some photos that we took in a little town called Gingin, on the way to New Norcia.

Isn't this little church adorable?

It was so green here, before we went off down the open road where it was very dry either side.


  1. Such a beautiful place...i LOVE that little church....
    Can you even do enough to catch up on all that lost time in a lifetime... that's what makes the present precious...
    Great (even more than that) to see J and his dad looking so much like father and son....just wish you guys would move back to Tassie
    sigh..sigh...maybe one day?????????

  2. Happy new year, Wendy. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season.
    Almost finished the book now, it's a great and easy read. thanks again for hosting the giveaway.


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