Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Project A Week - 4 projects in my journal

Just in case you were wondering if I'd managed to simplify my life at all, I'm bringing you 4 pages of my A Project A Week journal today.

Not to say that these projects are absolutely complete, but I've definitely made some progress!
This is the cover of the journal I am using:

And these are the introductory pages
(click on the pic to enlarge, if you like):

My first project was to update my blogs: Achieved!

The Second Project was to sort through my magazines - what a job! I went from 150 magazines down to 20. I'm pretty pleased with that, so this project is now finished and achieved!

Project Three involved going through my hard drive and external hard drive, to find, organise, and label all my photo folders, mainly so that I could find all the photos we have taken of our backyard over the years. My beautiful hubby has done so much work in the yard recently, that it is finally the yard we have always wanted! I will do a post soon, just about our Backyard Blitz,
so you can see all the Before and Afters. 

As I go back to work next week, Project Four has been about planning my year's overview for school, units of study, assessment folders, parent folders, the first week's daily workpad, and generally thinking of ways to make my classroom look fresh and appealing.

My next project is to plan my term's teaching in detail, and then I'm going to move onto doing some of my art for my etsy shop.
I can't wait! xx


  1. 150 to 20!! Wowee! Looks like you have had a productive few weeks there Wendy, what happened to relaxing!? Looking forward to seeing the rest of the journey in your journal, which looks fantastic I might add!

  2. Thanks! I was relaxing: sitting and reading magazines lol! Or sitting at the computer, or decorating my journal. I have lots of plans for painting, renovating and clearing out sheds. But I'll wait until my back feels a little better and until the weather cools off! xx

  3. Looks like you have had a couple of busy weeks - how did you get your magazines from 150 to 20?
    Love your journal

  4. I got my magazines down by going through page by page and only taking out the pages I really wanted, decor ideas, recipes, gift ideas, etc. I had to be strict with myself and only take the pictures that I really thought I would use, ideas that I might actually copy, not just things that were attractive. For example I like looking at vintage decor but I wouldn't ever do my own house that way. Some magazines I looked at for a long time just admiring the ideas, and then closed them up and put them in the donate pile! The magazines I kept were mainly Chritmas decor ones, because there are always ideas I can adopt to make with the kids at school. And I couldn't resist holding onto some real living and Better Homes and Gardens mags that were full of great ideas. xx

  5. you need to come and help me Wendy... it all seems too hard for me right now ...especially sorting the photos out on my computer...i dont know where to start...ggggrrrrr.
    LOVE what Jonathon has done with the back looks fantastic....good job J...Kelvin was wondering just the other day...if he had done it or not????

  6. That's so pretty!Looks like a lot of hard work but a lovely keepsake.


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