Thursday, 19 January 2012

Goodbye fizzy drink, hello water!

Last year around this time, I was heading the raw food revolution, and pretty much eating nothing but raw fruits and vegetables. It was great! I loved it, but I started to look a bit wasted away. So I went back to normal food and now I have beefed up again, and ...well, my hips don't lie! I'd like to lose a bit of this extra weight, particularly the tyre around the middle, so I'm going to choose just a few changes to my diet, which should help the cause.

This week's challenge is for me to stop drinking fizzy drinks, and get back to drinking water. We have a water dispenser, which is brilliant, but over Christmas I got a bit excited about fizzy grapefruit juice, apple juice and lemonade in general. Naughty, naughty, naughty!

I started drinking only water yesterday and am loving it already! So refreshing and cleansing, and got to be better for my teeth!

Anyone want to join me in conquering the fizzy?


  1. I'll join you, although I've already started and the only fizzy I used to drink was coke combined with Bourbon, nasty bloody rtd's, oh how I miss my Woodstocks. But it's all in the name of being halthier and looseing weight. I'm a big water drinker anyway but even more so now that it's summer.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Sarah! And good on you for joining me in saying goodbye to fizzy. Sounds like you're already doing really well in the being healthy stakes. xx

  3. Hi Wendy I conquered the fizzy, in a way, except for one glass of Zero with dinner. I'm proud to be no caffeine too. Hey Thank YOU for you lovely comment over at Mel's Friends of Style too.

  4. Mmm bubbly apple juice, one of my fizzy weaknesses. That and bundaberg ginger beer. Except I am pretty good already and have them maybe once or twice a month? Fizzy drinks have never satisfied my thirst. Comes from being brought up on waterwaterwater and in retrospect, thank goodness for that! Good luck with cutting it out :)


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