Thursday, 26 January 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

I always get a haircut just before school goes back, and this time I got a colour as well after about 5 years of not having one. I don't like using products with chemicals, but you've got to do something when your hair looks like it's fading to grey!

It's been so hot around here, that I've been wearing dresses all summer. Thank goodness for Crossroads sales! I love this one which looks a bit Moroccan or something. It ends just above my knees which is the perfect length.


  1. Love the hair. I don't think I have dyed my hair for probably 10 years. I am too afraid to start fearing that I wont be able to stop

  2. a very yummy mummy of a grwn up teenager and a very classy teacher...
    i dont want to be a grey haired old lady(but i am) cant do without my chemical blonde look....when i cant do it myself anymore hopefully one of my four grand daughters will do it for me...he he!!!

  3. no i mean 20 as in TWENTY only took 1 2/2 hours in 29 0C heat...they have taken up the whole top part of my upright freezer but half will go home with the girls to Hobart... we plan to go back though to pick some more ....


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