Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sunday, Sunday

Sunday is the day that I finally see the bottom of the washing basket in the laundry. I just wash and wash and wash until I'm there. And then the rest of the day is spent hanging it out, bringing it in, listening to the drier spin round and round, warming the house. And then I fold things, iron them, and hang them in the wardrobe. I'm happy with my wardrobe. It's rainbow like. Although you'll pretty much never see any red, orange or yellow - they are SO not my colours.

Also today, I was able to put away some new clothes that I bought yesterday. I had to go to Whitfords for a haircut and to get new glasses, so I thought I'd do my winter shopping while I was there. Oh my gosh, it was straight back to my shopaholic days in one fell swoop. I finally found the brown boots I've been looking for for a couple of years, I found a gorgeous, warm, black winter coat, some knitted vests, a teal top, a necklace and bracelet (2 for $15 from Just Jeans - amazing saving of $22!!!), a floral dress, grey pants with silver fleck, a top and hoody for Jack, and Converse shoes for Jack. Jonathon missed out this time, but he has heaps of clothes anyway. Phew! It was fun!


  1. Wow! I have just been inspired to clean my bedroom cupboard. I will post the results on my blog page in about 6 months, because that's how long it's going to take me to get to the bottom of it! Keep posting Wendy you are inpiring one person at a time and making the world a more organised and stress free place for all of us.

    Not to mention burning a few calories off us all!

  2. your wardrobe looks so neat and organized! i really think i should spend a little bit on those beautiful wooden hangers. They make a closet look so much elegant.

  3. I am wondering if there is such a job as a "wardrobe planner"....they have wedding planners and such...why not a "wardrobe planner"????? i wonder how much you could charge for that job Wendy...Thanks heaps for the call for my birthday...i did get it...i have been at Chels's in Hobart...snow on the mountain..brrrr.....for the last two weeks helping out with the girls seeing as Dave is away ...i will be back home in a week and at my own computer....big party saturday night so i will post the pics on the blog after that...


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