Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Attack of the Furballs

No, this isn't a post about my cat. Well, only slightly. Mostly, it is a post about my computer keyboard. It's a nasty story, but has a happy ending.

I was typing away at said keyboard when I thought it looked a bit scungy. So I wiped it over with a sponge and some disinfectant. Then I noticed the edges of the keys were also a bit scungy, and then I looked DEEP into my keyboard, and realised what I had secretly and shamefully known for some time -that my keyboard was full of grit and dustballs (aforementioned furballs). Filled with disgust, and shuddering at the same time, I scribbled a quick map of the keyboard,

and then proceeded to de-key the board, one by one. Oh, me! What squalor I found beneath.

So I grabbed a variety of cleaning weapons from my office supplies, first aid cabinet, and new sewing kit on the kitchen windowsill,

and spent about THREE slow, but particular hours on cleaning the keyboard, every angle of the individual keys,and replacing them all in the correct positions. The word tedious can only describe the half of it. Dirty, dirty, dirty, describes the rest.

But, like all good stories, after using about 40 cotton tips, my keyboard is now shiny and new again (it's been awhile),

and it has suffered no ill effects other than to the space bar, which now sticks every time, and will probably never be the same again. However, I can rest assured that I can front up to do my blogging, without preparing myself for a dark glare or a sneezing onslaught, brought on by hiding furballs. I'll just have to be sure to keep my cat and my cornflakes at a respectable distance from the keyboard in future!

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  1. I had a key on my keyboard that stuck all the time, couldn't figure it out, but soon realized it was because a peanut was stuck under it. HAHAHAHEHEHEHOHOHO. Got a can of 'air' and the problem was solved.


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