Wednesday, 10 June 2009

A place for jewellery

Thanks everyone, for your encouraging comments about my organising. Every now and then (like weekends) I have impressive moments, but mostly I live in chaos! (Hope that doesn't spoil the facade too much!) I've been watching Lush House on Foxtel and she's SO got it going on in the organising and cleaning department!

One organisational problem I had for years was knowing what to do with all my jewellery. People buy jewellery for me as gifts, and I like to buy it for myself. Most of it is not expensive, but it stills needs to be stored effectively. At the beginning of this year I had 40 necklaces, and all the systems for storing them that I had tried had been outgrown. So, off I went to Howards Storage, and, while I had set out to buy something like a jewellery drawer, I came away with this little beauty for around $35!

There are so many pockets, 44, all of a good size, back and front, and it slides into your wardrobe like another piece of clothing. My jewellery ended up being too heavy for it, and the hanger broke on the first day, but my clever hubby took the clips off a skirt hanger, slid the hook and bar into the top of the jewellry hanger and clipped it with little bulldog clips. The perfect solution!

I have a pretty 'dumping' basket for when I can't be bothered putting my jewellery away properly, but when I do, there is a spot for everything! I highly recommend getting one! (Or two, if you're particularly into jewellery!)


  1. What I love about your idea is that you can see the jewellery so clearly. I have to scrabble through my jewellery boxes trying to remember what I have that will go with the outfit I have on. What a brilliant idea!

  2. i always get them all tangled up so my solution is a cork board and stick pins and i hang it behind the bedroom door.... i will send you a pick and show you ...your idea is a great one too...might check that out

  3. I spent yesterday morning chilling out and browsing one of the home blogs I listed last week. I saw this fantastic idea of a whole series of hooks on one wall and all the necklaces hanging from there. It was like a feature wall and it was very cool. I have mine hanging on a Pottery Barn twiggy raindeer thingy. Hmmm not easy to describe. It's black metal and was supposed to be a Christmas decoration to hang ornaments off, but my son got it for me for jewellery and I love it.


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