Sunday, 21 June 2009

Brazilian Solidarity Dolls

The World Vision Family Challenge asks every family in Australia to sponsor a child. By sponsoring a child through World Vision by 30/07/09 you will receive a Brazilian Solidarity Doll keyring as a thank you for your support. They are too cute!

The real reward of sponsoring a child is knowing that someone else's child, living in an impoverished environment, can be empowered to attend school, and wear appropriate clothes, just like your own children.

We have been sponsoring a child, Yonela Ncobela, in South Africa, for the past few years. It has been thrilling to see him go to school, write us letters, and to send him birthday cards and Christmas cards.

Maybe one day we will even meet him. It is amazing to bless someone's life by doing so little. And it can bring you much joy! Find out how to sponsor by visiting here.


  1. We had a girl in Brazil through Christian Childrens Fund from the age of 4 till she turned 16 ..that was just about the time i was going to Mexico ...i wrote to the fund saying i was looking at trying to do a dtour on the way home to Brazil and what were my options at getting to see her... the next thing i knew i had a letter saying her father had work in a new location and the whole family was moving with no forwarding address.... dont know if it was a bous deal or not as i used to get letter from her with photos of her and drawings the same as you..but we could not send packages only money for her birthday and Christmas etc..somethign about costing the whole months wage to get it from the post office... i didnt get another foster child i give through the fast fund now....i know it all gets there

  2. Good for you - sponsoring a child is one of the first things I am going to do when I get a full time job.


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